Luca Zulian born in Padua in 1967. At the age of 14 he is approached to the music and specially to the electric bass, starting like self-taught then with the aid of several teaching.

He participates to many course and stages with different and famous Italian bass players like Faso (Elio and Storie Tese), Paolo Costa (Baglioni, Battiato etc.), Saturnino (Jovanotti) and some world-wide bass players legends as Francis Rocco Prestia of the Tower of Power.

From the beginning Luca has intense “live” activity what takes him to collaborate, eather alive and in recording studio, with several artists of Italian music like: Gianluca Grignani, Bobby Solo, Edoardo Bennato, Morblus and Beppe Grillo.

Luca's great passion was the Black music! That puts him in many collaborations with the artists regarding black-Americans blues, funk and R&B (Sandra Hall, Robin Brown, Louisiana Mojo Queen, Stivie Smith, Robben Ford, Preston Shannon, Sonny Rhodes, Eugene "Hideway" Bridges, Brian Templeton etc.) with whom he participates to the most important Italian and Europeans blues festivals: Torrita Blues (SI) - Porretta Soul (BO) - St.Gallen Blues (CH) - Rappersville Blues Festival (CH) and many others...